• Introduction
  • Parallel-META is a GPGPU and Multi-Core CPU based software which can parallelly analyze massive metagenomic data structures, report the classification, construction and distribution on phylogenetic & taxonomic and functional level.

    From the version 2.4 we also embedded functional analysis to Parallel-META.

    Parallel-META uses parallel algorithm based on GPGPU and Multi-core CPU for acceleration. We have selected some sample metagenomic data sets and gotten a speed up of more than 18.

    The new version of 2.4.1 is released now.

  • Case Studies
  • Currently Parallel-META online has already served for more than 30 research groups worldwide, including research on environmental microbial communities of soil and ocean, human microbiome of oral and gut, methane production, microalgae cultivate system and so on.

  • Download
  • Download Parallel-META 3 Beta (bin package) 08/25/2015

    Download 2.4.1 08/20/2014

    Download 2.4 with functional analysis 10/18/2013

    Download the functional annotation database 10/18/2013

    Download 2.3 09/12/2013

    Sample Data Download

    Sample Name Size
    Healthy Saliva Sample 1


    Healthy Saliva Sample 2


    Decayed Saliva Sample 1


    Decayed Saliva Sample 2


    Data from

    Yang F, Zeng X, Ning K, et al." Saliva microbiomes distinguish caries-active from healthy human populations",ISME J 2011.

  • Publications
  • X.Su et al. "Parallel-META: A High-Performance Computational Pipeline for Metagenomic Data Analysis",IEEE ISB2011, 2011

    X.Su et al. "Parallel-META: Efficient Metagenomic Data Analysis Based on High-Performance Computation", Accepted by BMC systems biology

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